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It's been a little over a year now, and I'm still impressed! Just this week, we got farm raised abalone from out by Pacifica, and they were fantastic. A couple weeks ago, we got fresh uni (sea urchin) which were at least as good as, possibly better than, I've ever gotten at a good sushi place. We've had oysters from Tomales Bay, salmon, sand dabs, rock cod, black cod, petrale sole, just a great variety of fresh (like, caught a day ago fresh) and flavorsome seafood. This is both easier and more fun than hoping Whole Foods has something good this week. Cheaper too, I bet! Every week, recipes are provided, usually 2 or 3, just in case you don't know what to do with your fish. I've been frustrated for years living in San Jose with being soooo close, but sooooooooooooo far away from fresh caught local seafood; Real Good Fish is my answer. Need to know who caught it, how it was caught, where it was caught, or where it rates on the sustainable scale? That's all in an email the day before you receive your fish. Any better service and they'd be in your kitchen washing dishes...'nuff said.

Giles B.

"I enjoy being a host. I want to be part of a system that supports our fishermen to align with sustainable fishing practices. I like to connect with my neighbors and share yummy seafood with the community, and I don't have to go anywhere to pick up my fish! I love knowing what's for dinner on Wednesday. One less meal to plan, and the discount is helpful too!" 

Cindy Yang, Orinda Site Host

We have loved being a part of Real Good Fish. You have expanded our world of tastes from the sea. We have loved the surprise element of not knowing what will be coming to us the day of delivery until the day before. Plus we believe in your cause: to support fishermen in fishing sustainably, to protect our oceans.

We have talked up your company to all of our friends and acquaintances. Thank you for the freshest fish ever.

Karen Harley

I especially like that you are working with children in schools to teach them about healthy (both for themselves and for the planet) food, e.g. fish tacos.

Sylvie Woog

I am positively in love with Real Good Fish!

They are consistently providing amazing, sensibly sourced fish and seafood that is the freshest I've ever had. I was lucky enough to get oysters one time, and greedy enough to not share. I also got black cod (sablefish), which is now my absolute favorite fish.

I love the recipes they provide, which is great in a pinch when life is too hectic to get crazy creative.

Real Good Fish provides this area with fish that is of exceptional quality and responsibly sourced. I am proud of their mission and to be a member.

Rebecca P.

I've been a member of Real Good Fish (previously Local Catch Monterey Bay) for 3+ years now. It has turned Tuesdays (and generally Wednesdays) into fish nights for me.

Each week they deliver a different variety of fish (generally, although occasionally it is other seafood). While the quantity of the fish can vary (depending on the market price of the item), the vast majority of the deliveries provide sufficient fish for two dinners for two people (so 4 meals total). I choose to have fillets delivered, but they also offer the option to get whole fish delivered (when possible).

I am a big fan of the variety of seafood that Real Good Fish allows me to try, as I have had -- and enjoyed -- many varieties of fish that I otherwise never would have thought to buy. Salmon, halibut, sole, crab, oysters, abalone, black cod (sablefish, yum!), rockfish, calamari, sand dabs, grenadier, ridgeback shrimp, tuna, herring, and many more!

They always provide a recipe or two to help people with ideas on how to serve the fish.

You may occasionally get a fish delivery that you're not a big fan of, but I have found that this is more than offset by experiencing so many types of fish that I otherwise never would have thought to try. If you're willing to take a chance or two, Real Good Fish will delivery extremely fresh, extremely local, extremely tasty fish to you (at many pickup locations) every week.

Damon S.

In all my years of shopping and preparing food in both the US and France, this service has truly been a high point. We have been members for close to four years and love knowing that we will be eating fresh, local, sustainable fish, caught and prepared for us every week (One less dinner decision to make!)

Jennifer D.

Lots of good comes from our shares of Real Good Fish. We have had seafood that for flavor and freshness was beyond comparison to any we have purchased locally, even at the pier.The people are super--once at the last minute I needed to double my order, and it was made available with good cheer. In addition, we feel good knowing we are supporting Monterey Bay fishermen. Real Good Fish is on a par with the excellent harvest group, Live Earth Farm. We feel blessed having both enrich our tables and our lives.

Miramaribelle P.

I've been a member for 1 year now, and I love it! There is a large variety of seafood, they execute the distribution very well, and they have nice newsletters to read about the week's fish/how to cook it. I'm a stickler for good quality/fresh seafood, and I have not been disappointed. The price is not cheap, but I don't feel like it's overpriced either. The biggest benefit is that it gets me to incorporate sustainable seafood into my cooking/eating routine. Shopping for fresh seafood at the market is out of the way, but this is super easy. Through this program, I've been "forced" to try a countless number of new types of fish, and I've always been happy about it!

Ryosuke K.