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“Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun! ”
- Julia Child
Grilled Tuna With a Soy Dijon Marinade
This recipe was shared with us from member Kym Morello, who loved that it was "easy, fast and excellent!" It will also be delicious with other kinds of fish, so enjoy it creatively!
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Pacific Dover Sole (Or Other White Fish) Croquettes
A delicious use for our light-textured Pacific Dover sole, but also goes well with any white fish like Petrale, rockfish, or flounder. This recipe came to us from the Cooking Channel.
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Crispy Sand Dabs with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Coke Farm Polenta
Try this winter recipe to warm up any night.
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Herb-Seared Sand Dabs with Warmed Arugula and Fire-Roasted Tomato Salad
This recipe is courtesy of Paul Jansen and is shared via Serves 4-6.  We don't have a photo so if you try making this, please send us one and we will post it here! The recipe calls for fillets, but you should just use your pan-ready sand dabs as is.
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Sauteed Sand Dabs with White Wine
Sand dabs are a local delicacy that can be quickly cooked and made into a delicious meal with a very simple white wine sauce.
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Sand Dabs with Capers & Butter
This classic preparation has been around for years, but like all favorite recipes, it loses none of its appeal with time -- if anything, it keeps getting better. The caper-butter pan sauce is delightful on any simply-prepared fish.
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Video: How to Cook and Debone a Sand Dab
In this video, chef Kevin Butler demonstrates how easy it is to cook and debone our smallest, tastiest flatfish.
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