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“Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun! ”
- Julia Child
Pan-Seared Marinated Halibut Fillets
This easy recipe was sent to us from member Jamie Kohlmann, who found it through the New York Times cooking section online. This would work well with many other kinds of fillet: grenadier, lingcod, Petrale or Pacific Dover sole, rockfish, or white Seabass, to name a few. Be creative and enjoy!
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Pan-Seared Rockfish with Oyster Sauce
Ready in about 30 minutes, rockfish is pan-seared until the skin is as crisp as a potato chip and served with a delicate oyster cream sauce.
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Pan-Roasted Thornyhead Rockfish Fillets With Herb Butter
Here’s an easy dinner of pan-roasted rockfish with a delectable crust, anointed with nutty, lemony brown butter and perfumed with herbs. It’s simple and delicious - and ready in no time at all!
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