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- Julia Child
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Oyster Stew with Chorizo & Spinach
This cream based oyster stew gets its smokey component from chorizo that also gives a little spice to the broth. Fresh spinach added at the end gives it color and texture.
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Crispy Tempura Oysters with Apricot Puree
Fresh oysters encased in a crispy tempura batter are served in their shells on a dollop of apricot puree - simple, delicious, and very impressive. Surprisingly easy too and perfect for a romantic evening or a dinner party.
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Miyagi Oyster Mushroom Bisque
Thanks to member and food blogger Amy Sherman for this recipe! A delicious bisque with both oysters and oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms look a bit like oysters in color and shape. They have a very mild earthy flavor that is reminiscent of oysters as well.
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Grand Central Oyster Bar Stew
This luscious stew is legendary at the Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York City, where it has been served since they opened in 1913. There are various versions of it available online, but this one came to us from Real Good Fish member Sylvia Park of Santa Cruz, who speaks of it in superlatives.
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Roasted Oyster Decadence
Baked in ramekins with crispy bacon, gruyere cheese, spinach and white wine, these oysters are sublime and worth the effort!
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Oysters with Mignonette Sauce - Also Cucumber Mignonette or Meyer Lemon Mignonette Sauce
Raw oysters with mignonette sauce is a classic, and with good reason. We offer an Asian-themed variation here, along with a Meyer lemon mignonette that is so delicious it can be spooned over cooked seafood as well as oysters. Try them all, with champagne or your favorite white wine or sake, for a special start to any meal. The Meyer lemon variation is especially good with Muscadet wines!
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Grilled or Broiled Oysters with Sriracha Lime Butter
This recipe is from Food52. Have you tried grilled or broiled oysters? It's so easy, and the quick blast of heat concentrates the oysters' brine and browns their tips without drying them out. In this recipe you blend butter with Sriracha, shallots, lime juice and cilantro, and as the oysters cook -- we broiled them -- the flavorful butter melts and poaches the plump little bivalves.
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Oysters with Chorizo Sauce
A great dish featuring Oysters grilled with a chorizo & butter topping. You must try this one.
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Hog Island BBQ Oysters
This is a classic Tomales Bay oyster recipe.
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Steamed Oysters with Chile, Ginger, and Cilantro
A fast, delicious way to prepare oysters on the half shell with a great flavor that all are sure to like.
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Oysters Rockefeller
A New Orleans classic!
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Broiled Oysters with Pernod, Garlic, & Breadcrumbs
Fabulous flavors accompany this great recipe for your oysters. The liqueur puts it over the top and can even be replaced with Sambuca with delicious results. Serving suggestions include accompanying with crackers or french bread.
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Video: How to Shuck an Oyster
In this video, fisherman and chef Kevin Butler demonstrates how easy it is to shuck an oyster.
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