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Real Good Fish | People | | Skylar Campbell | Skyler is talented in two of the most difficult, unquantifiable disciplines: fishing and music. Born and raised in Pacific Grove, he reminders his...
Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman, he thought. But that was the thing that I was born for.
- Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea
Real Good Fish
Skylar Campbell

Skylar is talented in two of the most difficult and intuitive disciplines: fishing and music. Born and raised in Pacific Grove, he remembers his childhood at Lover’s Point fishing, diving, and surfing. By the time he was 17 he got his first boat for $500, a little skiff that got him on the water sport fishing. His first experience on a commercial boat was on the iconic, FV San Giovanni out of Monterey, with Captain Jiri Nozicka. From there his list of boats and fishing experiences span from salmon in Bristol Bay to crabbing in Half-moon bay and longlining in the Monterey Bay. 

With the money he made fishing in Alaska he bought the FV Sable and fishes rock crab, rockfish, and salmon. Most recently he's been fishing the FV Ocean Warrior, an impressive boat built in Nova Scotia that is set up to fish spot prawns and king salmon. 

As Skylar so eloquently puts it “Fishing is my livelihood, sometimes feels like it’s just a job, but I quickly begin missing it if I haven't been doing it for a while. I love being on the ocean, for the people, and the stories. Once you’ve had a taste of the ocean air it its hard to walk away - It’s one of those places where life happens.”

When Skylar isn’t fishing he’s playing drums for a few local bands like the Gary Meek Quintet, in Monterey and LA, as well as club work with top 40 dance bands, like the Joint Chiefs, and The Minor Williams Band.

Skylar’s favorite fish to eat is calamari, breaded and baked, or prepared Sicilian style with olives, capers and tomatoes.