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Real Good Fish | People | | Brian Gorrell | B
Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman, he thought. But that was the thing that I was born for.
- Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea
Real Good Fish
Brian Gorrell

Brian grew up playing with his cousins Walter and Calder Deyerle. As a little crew they started fishing together and getting more and more into the trade with the help of his uncles, Daniel and Richard. It wasn't until 2012 that Brian made the leap to run his own boat, a 22' Boston Whaler called the FV White Owl. Brian exclusively fishes for nearshore and deeper nearshore species, including blue rockfish, gopher rockfish, lingcod, and cabezon. He is an outdoorsman at heart and member of the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, as well as a member of the Ocean Rescue Team. As if that isn't enough, Brian also owns and operates a Poke restaurant in Carmel called Carmel Poke Co.