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Real Good Fish | Fish | | Jack Mackerel / Trachurus symmetricus | Bringing you the freshest sustainably caught LOCAL seafood!
If we eat from our own shores, we're much more inclined to protect them, the water quality, and our marine environment.
- Paul Greenberg, American Catch
Real Good Fish
Jack Mackerel / Trachurus symmetricus

Pacific Jack Mackerel, also called horse mackerel, are streamlined fish with blue or green on their backs and silvery coloring below. The habitat ranges all along the Pacific Coast of North America, from Alaska to Baja California. Typically they are 12-18 inches in length, but some can get as large as 3 feet.

This species offers nearly as much omega-3 fats per serving as salmon, making it rich and perfect for any recipe calling for tuna or salmon. Jack mackerel is popular in Japan but it has not yet generated a large following in California restaurants.

Culinary Tips: Jack mackerel is fantastic in raw preparations when it's fresh. It is also great on the grill, and can be substituted for any recipe that calls for salmon, tuna or yellowtail.

Catch Method: Troll gear bycatch from salmon or albacore vessels

Sustainability: This species is mostly seen as bycatch for other fisheries, typically salmon or albacore vessels, both of which are operating in well-monitored, sustainable fisheries. We always aim to support our fishermen by buying their bycatch. The best available science on this species does not indicate overfishing is occuring.

- MBA Seafood Watch: Not Rated

- NOAA Fish Stock Sustainability Index: N/A