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Help Us Save Wild Salmon In California


Please Sign the Petition! Save Wild Salmon 


When Real Good Fish was founded, the mission was clear: create a local seafood loving community that not only made a difference with the fish they put on their plate, but had an educated, unified voice to create and protect access to local sustainable seafood. Until now we have focused exclusively on voting with our forks by supporting local sustainable fishermen.

THIS is our first opportunity to achieve our second mission and stand up as a community to protect salmon from river to ocean to boat to plate. With the unprecedented drought and ensuing water wars, the health of our rivers, and consequently the salmon we cherish so highly, is at risk with legislation being proposed in Congress, H.R. 2898 (Valadao) and S. 2533 (Feinstein).

These bills purport to offer drought relief for all Californians, but in reality take away salmon protections when our fish need those protections most. It's a case of picking water winners and losers when our legislators should instead be working on water sustainability for all Californians, fishermen, farmers and cities alike. 

For the past several months we have been working with the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations to make our second mission a reality. Please sign this petition and let our representatives hear your voice, let them know that the Real Good Fish community cares about our rivers, the future of our salmon, and the fishermen and women who depend on them.