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The Magic of Ikura or Salmon Roe, aka Red Caviar

These bejeweled egg sacks are hard to come by, unless you catch a female salmon, just before she heads upstream. To brine them is also a delicate process, but well worth the effort. 

Our housemade ikura is fresh, lightly brined, with a crisp pop and flavor that is reminiscent of a sea breeze. These orange clusters are a mother lode of Omega-3's. In fact, they are 3.5 times higher than salmon itself. Increased brainpower, fertility, and heart health are just some of the benefits.

They are also delicious and add a briny, rich pop to lots of different dishes. They go great with avocado, so top quinoa with a tablespoon of these and slices of avocado. Or make nori chips with avocado and ikura. Put them on crackers or toast corners with crème fraîche and grated hard-boiled eggs, top deviled eggs with them, put them on soba or ramen noodles, or put them on a rice bowl with crispy salmon skin, or scatter them over a salad.