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Our Carmel Canyon Smoked Black Cod Is a Good Food Award WINNER!

In 2016, The Good Food Awards announced our Carmel Canyon Smoked Black Cod a winner in the charcuterie category. We are so proud! There were a total of 1,937 entries and 215 judges. The announcement was made on January 15th.

We’ve named it after the Carmel Canyon, because most of our delicious black cod is caught there. Carmel Canyon is a rich habitat for many deepwater fish in Monterey Bay, with its varied terrain of steep rocky walls and gentle slopes. The terrain, combined with prevailing winds, creates a fairly constant upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich water that feeds the abundance of sea life found there. Black cod is among the local abundance, but not well known to Americans because 90% of it is exported to Japan, where it is considered a delicacy.

With its silky texture, black cod is sometimes called sablefish or butterfish. It is rich in healthy, flavorful oils, including three times the omega-3s in salmon! Its high oil content and rich flavor make it ideal for smoking. With our chef Kevin Butler's special recipe, the result is perfectly balanced flavor and a delicate flaky texture. Taste some and see for yourself!