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Fishermen in the Schools for Our Bay2Tray Program

Real Good Fish is committed to bringing everyone the best possible local seafood. Even little kids who think they don’t like fish. Often, after they learn a little about the ocean and have delicious fish tacos for lunch, they are converted. What they definitely like is a big ugly lingcod and a fisherman telling them stories about seeing a Great White Shark while he’s out at sea. So Kevin, now known as "Mr. Kevin" at Ord Elementary School in Seaside, CA. went to show his morning's catch. 

Real Good Fish is working to bring species that don’t have much of a market to school lunches, and we are creating an educational component to go along with it. For high school students, it will include curriculum for classes in food systems, marine biology, and fisheries, all of which will follow Next Generation Science Standards. For elementary schools, we want to cultivate awe and interest in the ocean for students. 

 On this morning at Ord Elementary School in Seaside, Monterey County, the students had a lot of questions for Kevin. Some were easy, like “What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?” And some a little tougher, like, “How long have squid been on earth.”

Along with sparking their passion for the ocean, we hope they start healthy eating habits for life and maybe even a few of them will want to become fishermen. It’s also fun to see kids get so excited about a lingcod.