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The Cutest Fisherman: Miles Deyerle

Miles Deyerle went on his first crabbing trip with his father Calder Deyerle when he was two weeks old. At age three and half, he is already crewing on deck, and taking the occasional nap in the fish buckets. It’s in his blood. His grandfather Richard and great uncle, Daniel Deyerle are commercial fishermen who built up Sea Harvest, a seafood wholesaler based in Moss Landing, as well as popular seafood restaurants in Moss Landing, Monterey and Carmel. Mile’s uncle, Walter, and his father have fished their entire lives.  The Deyerle family has a small fleet of fast motorboats in Moss Landing Harbor and they harvest the Monterey Bay for crab, black cod, lingcod, rockfish and halibut. Real Good Fish caught up with Miles and his father, Calder, in the Moss Landing harbor on their return from long lining black cod.

 RGF: What do you like best about fishing?

Miles: “I like to go fishing on the dangerous days, because sometimes a big wave comes. We just had a heavy duty day.”


RGF: What’s your favorite fish?

Miles: Salmon, crab and everything else.


RGF: Do you help your dad catch fish?

Miles: Yes, I ice the big fish and the little fish.  (His father added that just that day Miles gaffed the black cod, pulled them on deck, sorted and iced them.)


RGF: What’s the biggest fish you ever caught?

Miles: Halibut. (According to his father, he baited his hook with live squid, dropped it to the bottom, and reeled in a halibut.) According to Miles, it was bigger than his arms could stretch.


RGF: What did you do with it?

Miles: Sold it to grandpa. And took it home to eat. (His father pointed out that he did one or the other, not both).


RGF: Are you going to preschool?

Miles: No, I’m going to homeschool. On the boat with dad.


And then Miles decided it was time to hunt for crabs in the rocks around the harbor, and the interview ended.