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How to Make Smoked Anchovy Butter

Step 1: Layer anchovies and salt between layers to cure. Once cured, rinse and dry anchovies and prepare wood chips. 

Step 2: Lay the salted anchovies out to dry on a rack. Soak two handfuls of applewood or cedar chips in water. Spread the damp chips in the bottom of a pan.

Step 3: Smoke anchovies by putting pan with soaked wood on a stove top on low heat.  Lay the rack of anchovies over them and cover them with foil. Put them on a stove top and turn the heat on low. Let them smoke until tender.

Step 3: Mix with Unsalted Butter in a 2:1 ratio unsalted butter to smoked anchovies. Then blend them until smooth.

Step 4: Serve with baguette or put on hot pasta.