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Local Catch Monterey is Now Real Good Fish

Local Catch Monterey Bay is now Real Good Fish

Real Good Fish (www.realgoodfish) is a community supported fishery based out of Moss Landing. It’s like a CSA, only with seafood. Think of it as a “fish of the week” club. We source local, sustainable seafood from our fishermen and make weekly deliveries to pick-up sites ranging from Carmel to Marin County.

 We loved being Local Catch Monterey, but unforeseen circumstances require us to change our name. However these circumstances have provided us the opportunity to reimagine our brand and our commitment to our community of seafood lovers and fishermen. Though the name has changed the ownership and values of Local Catch Monterey Bay have not. We are still committed to local, high quality, sustainable seafood. Or more simply: Real Good Fish.

As we’ve evolved over the past three years, we’ve focused on exploring innovative ways to support local food systems, improve access to healthy affordable protein, and procure and develop delicious products not available on the traditional market. We are working to create a greater sense of “plate” in an effort to inspire a new sustainable culinary ethic, and cultivate unique partnerships with passionate and talented organizations in our region. 

Please check back in with our blog for news about our programs, tips and DIY for seafood, looks at ocean and fisheries issues, and pictures of adorable sea creatures. 

Also, please share on your social media outlets to help us get the word out. 

Thanks for the Real Good Fish team.