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Making Seafood the Main Event for the New Year

By Katy Kawasoe

It's that time again, a brand new year is around the corner! To spice things up for upcoming dinner parties or feasts with your family, consider making seafood the star of the show. Take the stress that goes into preparation out of the equation, and let us suggest a seafood-focused menu that includes quite a few of our favorite species. Bookmark this page, print it out, screenshot—whatever you prefer—and serve up seafood for any of your upcoming meals. 


Seafood Pan Roast Appetizer, the perfect way to get the party started. 

Elegance, meet simplicity. A Seafood Pan Roast is the perfect dish to offer guests as they arrive. It doubles as a lighter dinner or something that can be paired alongside other dishes. Here, we're talking lobster, scallops, oysters, and shrimp but you can add in any fish you fancy like black cod or cubes of swordfish or halibut. The seafood alone makes it a delicacy, but adding a drizzle of crème fraîche vinaigrette takes it over the top. One-dish serves all, and we're here for it!
Image Credit: Cooking on the Ranch

Buttery Crab Bread Pudding, for a savory toast to the festivities.  

Could this be one of the most irresistible dishes of all time? If you love crab, crab cakes, or crab dip, this buttery crab bread pudding will top the list. For us, crab is always one of the dishes first to get devoured, and this recipe is no exception. It screams special occasion and satisfies all your savory cravings. What better way to end your holiday celebrations than with a crab delicacy. Bon Appétit!


Image Credit: Food & Wine


Holiday Seafood Salad, for a lighter bite, or the perfect side to any dish. 

As you can imagine, we're big fans of fish. So, any dish that includes a variety of our offerings, is a must-have for a special occasion (or, any day of the week, really). This version includes scallops, calamari, and shrimp but, similar to the Seafood Pan Roast, you could also sub in other things, like lobster, mussels, or cubes of firm white-fleshed fish like rockfish or haddock. While this salad is easy to put together, it's best to make it the day before to give time for the flavors to meld together.

Image Credit: Italian Food Forever


Fantastic Fish Pie, a delicious seafood take on an Irish favorite. 

Take your average Shepard's Pie to the next level by adding a fish twist. When you pass this one around the table, it's sure to go fast. Hot, bubbly, creamy, and topped with mashed potato goodness—say no more. The ingredients and the prep time are very minimal. You can easily use any species of white fish or even amp things up with some delicious King Salmon from your stash in the freezer. What's most time-consuming is waiting for your dish to bake while you can smell the deliciousness throughout your home. Might we suggest cranking it up a notch pairing it with a crisp white wine? We happen to love the Albariño from our friends at CRU Winery, right here in California. 

Image Credit: Feed Me Phoebe


Lobster with Lemon and Tarragon Butter, a feast for the eyes and bellies. 

The ultimate indulgence we all know and love—hello, lobster! When making this recipe, keep in mind that lobsters are about 30% meat by weight, so we recommend going for the slightly larger 1 1/2-pound ones, especially if you're feeding a larger group. All your friends will wish they were invited to your holiday gatherings when they're at home with honey-baked hams, and you're getting covered in butter, serving up the lobster.

Image Credit: My Foodbook


Feast of the Seven Fishes Stew, plenty of options to feed plenty of people. 

The Italian tradition, on Christmas Eve known as the Feast of Seven Fishes, involves family gathering for a feast of seven seafood dishes, or several kinds of fish prepared—you guessed it—in seven different ways. Italian-American families began preparing the seven-course meal way back in the early 1900s, as a way to feel close to home while celebrating the sea. We're all for bringing this tradition into the New Year and serving it as a showstopper for this year's dinner party. We've seen this feast offered as casseroles or in pies, but we're adding everything into a delicious stew. While you could create your own feast with some of the previous recipes, this one checks all the boxes. It's warm, cozy, and celebratory. Pro tip: don't skip the anchovies! They're packed full of flavor.  

Image Credit: Cooking Light