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What You Need to Know About Bluefin Tuna

We know bluefin tuna is not exactly a species that is synonymous with sustainable seafood, but with all things, the seafood world is ever-evolving and things are looking up in the bluefin world here along the West Coast of the United States. We wanted to give you a more in-depth look at the information we have and additional details about the Bluefin Tuna catch we've been sharing with our members, specifically. 


Pacific Bluefin Are Rebuilding

First, from a resource standpoint, Pacific Blue (Thunnus orientalis) stocks are rebuilding from overfishing. There are twice as many Pacific bluefin now than 2010, meaning our efforts in rebuilding the stock are working. If you'd like to dig into the stock assessment from the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission from 2020 send us an email.


Where You Source Your tuna Is Most Important

It's important to recognize that there are distinct stocks of bluefin all over the world managed by different regional management bodies and with distinct stock levels. Many of the reports citing the vulnerability of stocks are from older reports, so it's important to look at the date of the reports when assessing information.


While It's Surely a Delicacy, Eat It in Moderation

From a diet perspective, we don't support eating bluefin all the time. In fact, we don't recommend any diet with too much of one species. Enjoying a portion a few times a year is sustainable and worthy of celebration and appreciation of small boat US fishermen working in conjunction with policymakers and conservation groups to ensure stocks are healthy and continue to build for a long time to come.