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Fire Up the Grill with These Summer Seafood Recipes

By Sarah McLellan Mee

It's one of our most favorite seasons of the year. Warm weather's here to stay, and with it, the opportunity to head outside and fire up the grill for amazing seafood dinners during the summer! While we all may have our standard recipes for burgers, dogs, and other grillin' go-to's, we're sharing some mouthwatering ideas to get more fish and seafood on the table this year. From perfectly seared salmon with a colorful avocado and tomato salsa to grilled curry lobster tails that kick up the heat, skewered scallops, grilled oysters on the half shell, and more—now's a perfect time to dig into some of the delicious ideas below. 


Seared Scallops Paired with Your New Favorite Summer Side
For those who haven't brought miso into their backyard grilling, it's time to jump on the flavor train. You'll quickly sear fresh sea scallops on the grill (remember they only need about a minute on each side) and then pair them with a summery fresh salad of charred corn, edamame, and cherry tomatoes. Now, the flavor boost comes from a white miso vinaigrette (which sings with a combo of white miso, rice vinegar, soy, sesame, and more.) Top with some fresh-picked herbs and a dusting of sesame seeds, and that's a winning seafood dinner the whole family will enjoy.

Photo Credit: Food & Wine


These Finger-Licking Shrimp Pop with Indian-Inspired Flavors
There's no better way to get the party started at an outdoor BBQ than to lay a platter of juicy grilled shrimp skewers on the table and let your guests dig in! While there are a million different flavor combos, we love this recipe that incorporates Kashmiri spices and the zing of fresh chili, crushed black pepper, and lime. Have no fear if you're worried about losing a shrimp or two in between the grates—these flat metal skewers are a chef's secret weapon.

Photo Credit: Bon Appétit


A Grilled Salmon Dinner That Celebrates Summer Ingredients
Searing up a fresh filet of California salmon (hello, perfect grill marks) is one of our favorite summer activities. This simple recipe—utilizing sweet seasonal cherry tomatoes and creamy avocado in a fresh take on salsa—takes just 20 mins which makes it perfect for summer weeknights or quickly throwing together something impressive for a crowd. Expert Tip: To get perfectly crispy skin (that doesn't stick to the grill), make sure to preheat your grill and that your grates are clean and well oiled before adding the salmon. 

Photo Credit: Cooking Light


Say "Yes" to Grilled Oysters with a Super-Savory Butter
We are 100% fans of oysters au naturel, but sometimes it's fun to experiment with different toppings and flavors—especially when you're firing up the grill. Gently warming your oysters on the grill grates or top of a grill basket in their shells helps save their built-in oceany juices. The addition of umami-rich compound butter made with a mix of Worcestershire, hot sauce, lemon, fresh herbs, and smoky paprika gives the bivalves a decadent coating as they bubble and soak in all that flavor. After about 7-mins on the grill, carefully remove and serve immediately to your friends and fam.

Photo Credit: My Recipes

Grill Up The Ultimate Summertime Crowd Pleaser—Fish Tacos
There aren't too many folks who'd turn down a fresh fish taco at an outdoor cookout, and that's a great reason to set up a DIY taco station this holiday weekend. The beauty of using various firm-fleshed white fish (think rockfish, cusk, halibut, sea bass, lingcod, grenadier, and even black cod) makes this recipe super versatile. Wrap the fish in charred tortillas and top with a smoky mayo, grilled fresh corn, and creamy avocado. Want to up-level your tortillas this summer? These handmade flour tortillas from Caramelo are the ultimate cult-favorite. 

Photo Credit: My Recipes


Brothy Grilled Clams with Crusty Bread for Dipping
Yes, you can absolutely grill your clams in their shells directly on the grate, but this recipe for Chile-Lime Clams with Tomato calls for a cast-iron skillet so you can catch all those delicious briny juices to build a brothy sauce! Perfect as a family-style appetizer everyone can dig into around the table or the main event with sides and salads—this is an easy twist on your go-to garlic butter recipes with the addition of spicy sambal oelek (an Indonesian chili paste), tomatoes, and lime juice. Now that sounds seriously tasty! 

Photo Credit: Epicurious


Amp up Grilled Lobster Tails With a Little Spice
Summertime gets us all thinking about lobster! But if you're thinking about switching from lobster meat tossed in butter or mayo for a traditional roll and want to grill your lobster tails directly on the grill—this curry and lime pickle recipe hits all the right flavor notes. Start by splitting your lobsters down the middle (which looks fantastic for presentation), and once grilled, pairing the sweet and smoky meat with a rich coconut curry that gets a kick from a tangy lime pickle. Pro tip: You can use a grill basket for this, so you won't risk losing any of that luscious meat. 

Photo Credit: Tasting Table