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Real Good Fish | Blog | | Why Real Good Fish is Better Than Your Grocery Store Seafood Counter | Are you thinking about becoming a Real Good Fish member to get sustainable seafood caught directly from fishermen off the coasts of the U.S. and...
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Why Real Good Fish is Better Than Your Grocery Store Seafood Counter

Are you thinking about becoming a Real Good Fish member to get sustainable seafood caught directly from fishermen off the coasts of the U.S. and delivered straight to your door? Then you may be wondering what exactly makes it better than just picking up what’s available at the grocery store. While our core mission of sustainability is a win itself, there are quite a few additional game-changing benefits that make our seafood a superior choice for you and your entire family. 

Incredible Variety of Species Available to Enjoy

At Real Good Fish, we source and deliver over 60 different fish species throughout the year. We love introducing our community to new and delicious favorites they may not have found before at their grocery store fish-counter. You might already know that most Americans consume the same 4-5 types of seafood in a given year, putting tremendous impacts on those species. Trying new varieties of fish can be exciting for your whole family. Along with that, it can inspire a new appreciation for the fishermen, coastal communities, and natural world that call our blue planet home. Along with notes on species, cooking tips, and tricks in our member emails, we also provide various recipes to serve as inspiration for your next seafood feast.


The Ultimate in Freshness, Flavor & Quality 

Most people enjoy the fish or seafood they’ve been served in restaurants or that they have previously cooked at home. When you’re able to experience genuinely fresh fish and seafood for the first time—it’s a taste sensation! The traveling time from the ocean to your plate with Real Good Fish is seriously short (the shortest possible path besides catching it yourself) compared to the grocery store. With markets and many intermediaries in between, the grocery store’s fish has most likely traveled a great distance. On average, seafood in the US has traveled 5000 miles, a high percentage (60-90 percent) gets sourced overseas, it may have been frozen and rethawed several times, or was likely actually farmed fish. Not to mention once seafood gets into the glass case, who knows how long it's been sitting there. What’s even more troubling—a common practice at the grocery store, contrary to freshness, is that the oldest fish gets sold first! If you care about freshness, the seafood counter is not the way to get it. The beauty of the highest quality, fresh fish? It doesn’t take much effort at all to prepare a delicious meal.


A Transparent Connection to the Finer Details of Your Catch 

Understanding who caught your fish is just one fantastic perk of Real Good Fish. Knowing which sustainable fishing method, the name of the vessel, and of course, the location of the catch are the above and beyond touches that make our fish and seafood fully traceable. That’s not something you can find at any store. Sharing these details with our members creates an even stronger connection to the fishermen catching sustainable species and the work we’re doing to protect our future generations’ oceans. Who catches your fish matters, and once you get your first delivery, you’ll see why. At Real Good Fish, we pride ourselves on sourcing the very best sustainable seafood that’s both convenient and safely delivered to your door. 


A Focus on Local Seasonality & Sustainability 

With your Real Good Fish community pick-up or home delivery box, you know the fish is always sustainably caught and from domestic waterways or oceans right off the U.S. coastlines. A significant percentage of fish that ends up on the grocery store seafood counter is imported overseas and often mislabeled, sometimes even deliberately. Even though many larger organic markets are taking steps to make sure they offer sustainably caught options—there’s nothing that compares to getting seafood directly from the boat to you. As you get more deliveries from us, you’ll start to learn about our oceans’ seasonality organically, when certain species are more prominent, and that’s valuable knowledge. 


Find out more about our memberships and what you may find in your next box of Real Good Fish here