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Sustainability is at the core of every sourcing decision we make. Beyond the basic environmental principles of sustainability, we consider social equity impacts as well. As part of the local coastal communities we serve, we include the health and well-being of our fishing partners and our customers into our definition of sustainable seafood.


Here is what our community has to say on the subject:

Sustainable seafood comes from healthy communities and ecosystems

Healthy ecosystems come from healthy communities

Sustainability is created and defined by our community

Eat smaller portions of a greater variety of seafood

When we TRULY experience seafood from the source, we cannot ignore our responsibility to be stewards of the sea

From an environmental perspective, we adhere to the same basic principles of environmental sustainability as Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, and the Marine Stewardship Council, meaning we consider:


How healthy is the fish stock?


To what extent are our fishing methods harming the marine environment or other sea creatures?


Are fishing regulations thorough and are fishermen being held accountable?


We use these principles, and the best available science from state, federal, and peer-reviewed literature to make our seafood sourcing decisions, along with the social considerations of our community. 

To this end we support our fishermen and inspire our neighbors to catch and eat what is available locally:


-We include bycatch and underappreciated species whenever possible.


-We offer variety to spread demand more evenly across the marine food web.


-We buy direct from vessels whenever possible.


-We provide traceability information on all our packaging.


-We supply California public schools with affordable, sustainable, local fish in our Bay2Tray Program.


-We work with local government and non-profit organizations to explore new, innovative, and more sustainable fishing opportunities.


Preserving our marine resources and our fishing communities, while inspiring our neighbors and our children to be the next stewards of our oceans and planet, is how we define seafood sustainability.